Trinity Meat Company is growing and will expand its capacity in physical plant and workforce to meet customer demand.

This business is totally dependent on our production employees and we are, more often than not, having to hire to keep up.

Pay and benefits exceed averages in the industry but every dollar is well earned. The work is physically hard and performed in a 35 degree, high humidity environment.  Sharp knives, saws and grinders are the tools of the trade and their potential to do harm cannot be under-estimated. That being said, we welcome your inquiry.  We will train you to be a professional and you’ll acquire skills that ensure lifelong employment in an industry that pays well above a “living wage”.

Trinity Meat Company’s work place culture is inclusive and comfortable. Shadow us for a day to see for yourself.

Please call or Email if you are interested.

Phone: (607) 293-7927 (Ask for Tonya)