Little Lakes Ranch Richfield Spring NY

For all delivered orders of Little Lakes Ranch grass-fed & grass finished beef and other products, please use this order form.  Prices are per pound not piece.

$ Amount of Order:  The piece weights will be recorded when the box is packed.  A detailed invoice will be emailed.

Payment : You’ll be able to pay (1) directly from the email, (2) call 607-293-7927 and provide CC information or (3) let us know you’ll pay by check or cash upon delivery.

Packaged in Insulated Boxes: The meat will be delivered in individual vacuum packs in insulated boxes.

Delivery Area Zip Codes:  (13326, 13348, 13810, 13820, 13796, 13807)

Delivery Day:  Thursdays.  No delivery before 3:00.

Delivery Cost:  Free for orders over $125.  $15 for all others.

Walk In:  Anytime during working hours (7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday) to purchase fresh vacuumed packed frozen beef, pork or chicken individual cuts or Value Boxes.  Feel free to use the order form so your order is ready when you arrive.

After you've completed the order form, click the SUBMIT button at the very bottom to place your order.

Thawing Frozen Meat:   The best way is to leave the frozen package in the refrigerator on a plate.  If you need a quick thaw, put the frozen package in a sealed baggie and place in a pot of cold water.  The worst way to thaw is at room temperature.

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* For details on the Value Boxes and specific cuts, please visit the Little Lakes Ranch website here:

Executive Box ($99) ($7.62 lb avg)

Backyard BBQ Box ($60) ($7.62 lb avg)

Beef & Pork Value Box ($64) ($4.92 lb avg)

Beef & Chicken Value Box ($56) ($4.31 lb avg)

All Beef Value Box ($64) ($5.54 lb average)










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